Range Safety Rules & Regulations


  1. All firearms brought in to the building must be unloaded and cased.
  2. All firearms and ammunition is subject to inspection by range personnel.


Firearm Rental

  1. Rental firearms MUST be used with range ammunition only.
  2. Rental firearms shall be returned empty, magazine removed, action locked open,  and/or cylinder swung out.


Firearm and Ammunition Safety Restrictions

  1. No magnum ammunition – including .22 caliber
  2. No tracer, armor piercing, incendiary, explosive, or steel-core ammunition
  3. No center fire rifles are allowed.
  4. No pistols that shoot center fire rifle calibers.
  5. No black powder firearms are allowed.


General Range Rules

  1. No one less than 18 years of age is allowed on the range without a legal guardian.
  2. No food, tobacco, and beverages at the firing line.
  3. Eye and hearing protection is required before entering the shooting area.
  4. Be sure your firearm is safe to operate and know how to use it safely.
  5. Obey all range commands at all times.
  6. No one is permitted forward of the firing line at any time.
  7. A maximum of two people are allowed per shooting lane.
  8. Only one loaded firearm at a time per lane.
  9. Do not exchange firearms with another lane. Please switch shooters, not guns.
  10. NO rapid fire.


Live Fire Rules

  1. Keep the muzzle of firearms pointed downrange at all times.
  2. DO NOT load a firearm until you are at the firing line and ready to shoot.
  3. All shots must be fired at the backstop and in your lane only.
  4. Do not leave a loaded firearm unattended.
  5. Holstered weapons are allowed away from the firing line.
  6. Do NOT remove a loaded or jammed firearm off the firing line. If there is a problem with your firearm leave it at the firing line with the muzzle pointed downrange and approach the range staff for assistance.


Persons who do not observe these rules, deemed under the influence, engage in unsafe behavior will be disqualified, asked to leave the premises, and forfeit remaining lane time.

 Hand Guns Only, No Long Guns


If you are a first time or inexperienced shooter please advise our staff before you enter the firing line area. Our staff will be glad to help you understand the many options available to you at Shooting Stars Gun Range.


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